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Generator Services Featured Product

Generator Services Featured Product  

The Challenge:
Providing reliable power is a key priority for many organizations, leading to the increasing use of onsite generators. Generators are often rented, and are occasionally moved between sites. To ensure optimal performance, each generator's location, utilization and ongoing engine run-hours should be carefully monitored.
Unfortunately, current methods for tracking utilization by Jobsite are often manual, inefficient, time-consuming, and error-prone. As a result, many enterprises lose a significant portion of their generators' value due to abuse, misplacement, under-utilization, faulty maintenance, or even theft.

Managing a fleet of out-of-sight generators can be a daunting task - but Ayantra can help.

Key Product Features: 
Ayantra’s wireless monitoring & control solution provides timely information that enables enterprises to gain better performance from their out-of-sight industrial assets. Utilizing GPS, cellular and internet technologies, Ayantra can monitor each machine to automatically deliver timely reports regarding its location and condition. Ayantra delivers its up-to-date information via an internet website, meaning that the information is easily available at any time and from any location. Key features include:

 Daily location reports

 Daily engine run-hour reports 

 "Maintenance Due" reminders 

• "Security Suite" for theft-prevention and asset recovery. Security features include "Curfew" commands, "GeoFence" commands, "Live-Track" commands, and an "Auto-Track" feature. 

 Real-time notifications for critical violations are sent directly to cell phones and/or email addresses. Critical violations include unauthorized asset movement, low fuel levels, low battery, etc. 

 Engine run-hour reports for regulatory compliance (suitable for AQMD reporting, etc.) 

 Additional management information, including Utilization

 Reports, Service Log, History Log, and more.

Ayantra can also export its data to other software systems to further automate asset-management operations.

The Ayantra solution is flexible enough to support almost any type of machine. It is easy to implement, operate, and afford. These units are priced to fit most any budget.

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